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Plant Virus Ecology Network

NSF-Funded Research Coordination Network

May 30-June 1, 2011
Cirad - Amphitheatre Jacques Alliot - Montpellier, France

The International Committee of the Plant Virus Ecology Network organizes the workshop :
Temperate & tropical Viral Ecology

This conference will be the "4th International Workshop of the Plant Virus Ecology Network"

The workshop takes place at Cirad, Amphitheatre Jacques Alliot

It will focus on :

Tropical environments
Ecology of virus emergence
Poster discussion
Virus influence on host fitness in nature: negative, neutral, or positive ?
Landscape influences on virus ecology
Modeling plant-virus-vector interactions and their ecological consequences

The Plant Virus Ecology Network brings together researchers (virological through ecological) currently working on aspects of plant virus ecology. Througn a series of annual meetings, workshops and mediated discussions, the PVEN evaluates infrastrutural needs, prioritizes a research agenda, and takes steps to expand the emerging community and build long-terme support needed for the field.



  • Here is the Programme to be downloaded